The Series

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Ever since the moment I read the account of Senator Elizabeth Warren’s shunning in Congress, and the utterance of the words, “Nevertheless, she persisted,” I have felt a voice within me, compelling me to create art that speaks to Senator Warren’s courage. It is the same courage that exists within all of us. To resist bully’s, push back against discrimination and stand up for one another, our feminine essence, our humanity.

The #ShePersisted series is my rebellion. It is my protest. It is my calling out to the feminist within each of us, women and men, who believe in equality, inclusion, truth, justice and above all, love for one another.

Let us not be silent. Let us rise up, in whatever way we choose, but let us rise up and be heard for humanity’s sake.


When I began this series I had in mind that I would create 12 possible paintings with quotes.

And then, the muse reminded me that I am not in control. She keeps flowing and I keep creating. And through it all, I feel myself shifting, changing, emerging like each painting emerges from the mists of creative expression. With each painting I find myself shaking off old ideas, old ways of being as I step confidently and lovingly into my true self — authentically being all I’m meant to be, without fearing what others may think of me.

This series is a journey in self-discovery and expression.

I hope it opens space for you to find your true self calling out to your heart, your voice and your entire being to rise up and shine!



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